D. German Militaria

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German WWI Flyer's Gunnery Brest Badge

note the target at the bottom.


WW1 Imperial German Zeppelin Badge

This item is ultra-rare!


WW2 Iron Cross 1st Class w/spinner attachment

# L-21 is stamped on the back of the spinner


WWII era 1945 Waffen SS tunic

 No mothing or tares


WWI era Kreigmarine Uniform Badge

in excellent condition.


Eidelwise Cap Insignia

modern remake.in mint condition


WWII era German 1 Phenning Coin w/Swastika Emblem

7 pieces in inventory presently


WWI Imperial German Medal set (5 medals)

excellent condition with 2 Austria related medals.


Iron Cross 2nd Class (Imperial German.)

a clean example 


WWII Era Medical Officer Shoulder Board Set of 2

a rare find


1933 Munich 10 year commorative Badge

 made of a heavy reddish copper,


Lot#2- 6 pcs WWII Era Kreigsmarine Uniform buttons

 nicely dated and hallmarked..


Lot#6 - WWII German army 6 piece grouping


German WWI German Commemortive

Still has the original crossed ribbons..


WWI Era Kreigsmarine Wound Badge

a clean badge, 109 years old


WWI Imperial German Medal Ribbon (lot #1)

has the crossed sword insignia 


WWI Imperial German Medal Ribbon (lot #2)

hallmarked "H.Timm - Berlin - c19"


WWI Imperial German Medal Ribbon (lot #3)

comes with crossed sword medal device


WWI Imperial German Medal set (3 medals)

Excellent condition!


Key fob Dated 1901 (zwei mark)

is a 3 mark silver coin


Imperial German WWi Era Grouping

Naval badge and ribbon


WWII era German Knight's Cross


WWI Era Iron Cross 1st Class

back is silver


LOT#! DDR Sports award Grouping


The German military items in this catagory are usually within the time period of about 1900 through to present day, though occasionally other items of earlier date are included. We have set up 3 catagories for easier browsing. They are WWI era, WW2, and Post WW2. You may purchase any or all of the items shown, but keep in mind that I do not update the wedsite every day, so sometimes, albeit rarely, items are still listed which actually have been sold. It is our paramount purpose to present a smooth and pleasent buying experience for our customers. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, since we are here to serve you.? 

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