7. Military "Sweetheart" Badges

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WWII 5th Canadian Armored Division enamelled pin

burgundy enamel on brass


CIX (109th) Canadian Militia Sweetheart Pin (pre WW1)

gold filled sterling silver sweetheart badge


CEF 214th Battalion Sweetheart Badge WWI

may be a field find "dig-up"


WWI 217th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Locket

These were given as tokens of love and friendship among the soldiers and their wives & girlfriends during the war years.


WW2 Royal Navy Sweetheart pin

May be WWI era!!


QC era Regina Rifles Sweetheart pin

Most likely late Korea period, 1953 period.


CEF 194th Battalion Sweethart Pin

This battalion known as the Edmonton Highlanders


WW2 era British Royal Air Force (RAF) Silver Sweetheart wings

High relief design silver


WWII era Enameled Sweetheart Wings Broach

the pin has a partial hallmark "Weld... Manu"


British Border Regiment Silver Sweetheart Pendant (lot#1)

named to one Pte J.F. Pickering, and showing older style hallmarks


British Border Regiment Gold Sweetheart Broach (lot#3)

perfectly emameled piece of gold war time jewelry.


WWI CEF 65th Battalion Sweetheart or Officer Collar

has a cross-pin type attachment


WWI era 229th Battalion tiny pin

This may be an unusual form of a sweetheart pin.


WWI 100th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Badge (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

comes with a "Dingwall - Winnipeg" hallmark.


WWI era 211th CEF Battalion Sweetheart Pin

Enameling is excellent!


WWI 169th Battalion CEF Sweetheart Badge

original straight pin attachment


WWI era Royal Corps of Signals Sweetheart badge

enameling is still excellent


WWI era 59th CEF Battalion sweetheart badge

appears to be gold plated


WWII RCAF Sweetheart pendant

interesting shape


CEF WWI era 190th Battalion Sweetheart

enameling is perfect, hallmarked "Dingwall"


WWII era RAF Enameled w/ jewels, Sweetheart Badge


WWI Era Seaforth Sweetheart Broach

this broach is specific for the 6th Battalion


WWII Era Sweetheart Button pendant

a unique sweetheart pendant


WWII Canadian Infantry Celluloid Sweetheart Pendant

made of celluloid


WWII RCN Anchor Sweetheart Pin

a 2 piece pin


Korea Era

Korea Era


WWII Era Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Sweetheart


Seaforth Highland Sweetheart Broach

enameling is perfect


WWII Era Royal Canadian Engineer's Sweetheart Pin (sterling marked)


WWI CEF 61st Field Artillery

A rare commemorative


In this category you will find a selection of what are known as "Sweetheart" Badges and pins.
Sweetheart badges and pins were often given to a female loved one, by their soldier lover, son (usually), or father. They could have been supplied, for a cost, by the quartermaster or by a private organization, such as Birks. Most were simply converted uniform devises from the regiment, and were available in the tuck shops. Many, if not all of the battalions and regiments had this type of inspirational badge. As the war wore on, many of the givers were lost, and did not return. Consequently, these items became very cherished by their recipients. Therefore they are generally called sweethearts?  
(Forever Young!)