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Combat Infantryman Award Certificate

We can also PERSONALIZE this and any of our other certificates.


United States Army Discharge Certificate - Viet Nam Era Type

PERSONALIZE this. All we need is your related information .


United States Army Pistol Expert Certificate

Did you earn one of these?


United States Army Discharge Certificate - Viet Nam Era Type

Where is yours?


US Army Honors of Memory Certificate

... Pres. Johnson signatory


United States Army Sharpshooter Certificate

DO you qualify for one of these?


WW2 era USAAF pilot's wing insignia

This badge has nice even patina


WWII era USAAF cap badge and collar set

As seen in the movie "Pearl Harbor".


USA - Conressional Medal of Honor

NOTE: this item is not available for sale to US addresses


WWII Era US Infantry Major Uniform

nicely hallmarked


US Civil War cap insignia

made of brass


USA: State of Maryland,1867 Dated Shako or Bonnet Badge

served originally in the War of 1812.


WWII Era US Navy Medal set (4 medals)

very clean medal set


WWI Era US Marine Corps Uniform Patch

has a large embroidered "V"


US Army Green Beret Cap badge (Korea & Vietnam Era)

has the famous motto  "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" 


WWII Era US Marine Corps Cap Badge

spinner type attachment


Soldier's Pocket Bible (circa 1900)

Please view the scans! 


US Army Transportation School Diploma

Add your name !


101 Airborne Certificate

- We will also PERSONALIZE this and any of our other certificates. All we need is your related information



We will PERSONALIZE this and any of our other certificates.


Special Operations Command Training Certificate

Personalization Service Avaialable


101 Airborne Certificate

Where did you put yours?


Jungle Expert Certificate - Caribbean Command

Personalize it!


Long Range Recon Platoon Certificate

We can add your name & info to this certificate



The watermark does NOT appear on the one you receive.


Certificate of Appreciation - signed by Richard Nixon while president

Should your name be on this certificate?


WW2 US Military Discharge Certificate

Nice addition to a memorial medal set


US Navy Honorable Discharge Certificate (Viet Nam era)

Did you serve?


US Army Discharge Under Honorable Conditions Certificate

Did you lose yours?


United States Distinguished Service Cross Certificate

You may have us personalize this certificate with you name and related info.



[RARE VERSION] "The Caisson Song" - American Field Artillery March (youtube.com)

The items in this catagory of our store are all US Army related, medals, hats, uniforms, service patches and uniform badges. They are generally post WW2, but we will be inserting items that are of WW1 or of older vintage from time to time. You may purchase any or all of the items shown, but keep in mind that I do not update the wedsite every day, so sometimes, albeit rarely, items are still listed which actually have been sold. It is our paramount purpose to present a smooth and pleasent buying experience for our customers. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, since we are here to serve you.? 

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