A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

Canada Post WW2 QC RCEME cap badge

Has a "tang"style fastener, original and in good order.


Rare Canadian Air Force CAF 1920's Cap Badge (3rd Pattern)

A rare type of Canadian Air Force cap badge of 1920's vintage.


CIX (109th) Canadian Militia Sweetheart Pin (pre WW1)

gold filled sterling silver sweetheart badge


WW2 Kings Crown Kings Own Calgary Regiment Cap Badge

All lugs intact on this hard to find bi-metal badge. 


WW2 Canadian 2nd Armored car Regiment Cap Badge

Both original lugs intact. Hallmarked "Wm Skully Ltd."


Winnipeg Grenadiers Cap Badge

Skully Hallmarked


WW2 Canadian Cape Breteon Highlanders Cap badge

Nice patina on this 70 year old specimen.


Pre WWI Prince Edward Island Light Horse Cap Badge (lot #1)

The Prince Edward Island Light Horse was first organized in 1901.


WW2 era North Waterloo Cap Badge

Guaranteed 100% genuine.


Kings Own Calgary Regiment Brass Title Set