A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WW2 Perth Regiment Cap Badge

A leaf shaped copper badge, complete with both lugs, and measuring over 4 cm top to bottom. A hard to find WW2 cap badge.


KC WW2 era Lord Strathcona Horse Cap badge (Lot #1)

The Lord Straths have been around since the Boer War.


WW2 Fort Garry Horse Cap Badge & title set (3)

all lugs intact.titles have cross pins


WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer's Silver Cap Badge

Silver cap badge. A rare specimen is in excellent condition with both original lugs intact.Thereare also2 related officer's silver collars available in this catagory.


WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer Brass Titles

all lugs intact


WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer's Silver Collar Badge

This regiment is also known as the "Royal Canadians" as appears on this silver badge.


WWI era Canada title curved (lot#2)


1920 dated Cdn Machine Gun Corps Brass Titles

"Roden" Bros. hallmarked 


WW2 Royal Rifles of Canada Sterling sweetheart pin.

a sterling sweetheart pin


WWII era Royal Canadian Dragoons

All lugs are intact and functional.