8. Metal Shoulder Titles

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WW2 Fort Garry Horse Cap Badge & title set (3)

all lugs intact.titles have cross pins


WW2 Lord Strathcona Horse Officer Brass Titles

all lugs intact


WWII Armoured Cars Shoulder Titles

Brass with all lug style fasters intact


WWI era CEF Canadian Buffs Title set (2)

All original lugs and cross pins intact 


WWI era Governor General's Foot Guards Shoulder Title

made of heavy brass


Post 1953 RCDC shoulder title & collar badge (Dental Corps)

"spinner" type attachments on the collar


WWII RCAC (Royal Canadian Armored Corps) Title set of 2

Lugs in good order


C-PRO-C brass titles - Canadian Provost Corps

made of solid brass


WWI era Army Service Corps

A good condition badge over 100 years old.


British WWI era Royal Field Artillery Shoulder Title

Flat lugs in good order


In this category you will find various Shoulder Titles, mostly metal, and mostly from WWI era through to current date.