1. CEF Cap Badge & Collar sets

CEF 61st Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (2) WWI

Maker marked "R.J. Inglis Limited"


CEF 184th Battalion Collar Badge WWI

Has "prong" type attachments


103rd Calgary Rifles Reg't Cross belt Badge

103rd Calgary Edwardian Era cross belt badge


1924-1939 Kings Canadian Hussars Collar Badge

This Regiment became the 1st Hussars in 1892


CEF 1st Tank battalion Brass Collar Badge Set WWI (lot#1)



CEF 244th batallion Cap & Collars Set (Boxed)

A clean "pickled" brass o/r badge set 


249th CEF Battalion WWI Cap Badge & Collar set (w/box)

an interesting cap badge motto ... "Heads Up". 


CEF 82nd Battalion Cap Badge & Collar set (City of Calgary)

display box included 


CEF WWI - 1st Mounted Rifles Cap Badge & Collar set

all lug type fasteners orignal and in good order.


WW1 CEF 34th Battalion Cap & Collar Badge Set in Frame

It was disbanded to provide re-inforcements to other fighting units. As a result this 34th battalion badge set is quite rare.