C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

WWII era Artillery Cap Badge

Guaranteed an orginal cap badge from the WWII era.


Royal Marines WWII era cap badge

made of brass with orginal lug type fsteners.


Canadian Militia Button Edward VII Era

Beaver design button


Victoria Crown East Surrey Regimental Cap Badge

made of copper, with orignal lugs and cross pin.


British Army WWII Catering Corps Cap badge

Good solid badge 


Shako Badge for the 102nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Madras Fusiliers)

has vertically placed "lug" type fasteners.


WWII King's Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge (lot #2)

King Edward VII referred to the K.O.M.R. as "My Regiment".


KC era Black Watch Cap Badge

 welded stem lugs are original and in good order.


RAF king's crown Cap badge, of WW2 vintage (lot #2)

both original lugs intact. 


WWII era Royal West Kent Regiment Cap Badge

has a "tang" style attachment original and in good order.