Scouting & Other Interesting Things

1950's era Scoutmaster Stetson Hat

includes original cap badge


1962-63 Scouting Supply Catalogue

very good condition for a paper item nearly 60 years old


1959 Dated Patrol Leader's Handbook


Scouting for Boys - Baden-Powell


Canadian Confederation 60th Anniversary Year Pin

Has "1867 & 1927 on either side of the post 1922 Canadian Coat of arms.


Eastern Star - tiny Mason's Pin

The Eastern Star is the women's aspect of the Mason Fraternity.


Scouting Badge 1940's era

Lug type fasteners,made in the stamping method


WWII KC era Canadian Postal Corps Collar Badge (lot#1)

both original lug type attachments in good order.


2 QC era Canadian Postal Corps Uniform Buttons

still in excellent condition


1927 60 yrs of Confederation Pin

interesting design relationship to the badges of Canada in WWI