A. Canadian Military - Post WWI era

WWII era Calgary Highland Cap Badge. (lot#2)

very good condition


WW2 era Calgary Highland Collar Badge (set of 2).

both set of lugs original and intact.


WW2 era Calgary Highland Collar Badge (set of 2). Lot #2

made of copper and come with  cross pins as found.


WW2 Three River Regiment Collar set (2)

all original lugs intact.


WW2 Royal Canadian Corps of Signals ( RCCS ) Cap Badge (Lot#3)

 both original lug type attachments in good order.


WWII era (KC) Regiment de Montmagny Cap badge

comes with original lugs & cross pin


WWII RCAF Sweetheart pendant (star shape)

chain and clasp are still in quite usable condition


WWI era Army Service Corps

A good condition badge over 100 years old.


British WWI era Royal Field Artillery Shoulder Title

Flat lugs in good order


WWI era 38th Canadian Field Artillery Spurs (set 2)

Nicely marked with "38 CFA"