Militia Era Silver 9th Voltigeurs de Quebec Cap Badge

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You are viewing an interesting vintage silver cap badge for the 9th Voltigeurs de Quebec.

This an unusual variety of Voltigeur badge. It has the regimental badge shape but has a "9" in the center. This makes me think it may be an early "militia" badge pre WWI. You may know better, so please give any additional information to update and correctly identify this badge. In any case it is definitely Voltigeur and appears to be solid silver. both original lugs are intact and in good order. I have been told that this badge is rhodium plated on silver, and extremely rare.

History: The Voltigeur Regiment is based in Quebec City. Les Voltigeurs de Québec originated in Quebec City on 7 March 1862 as "The 9th Battalion Volunteer Militia Rifles", of Canada (or "'Voltigeurs de Quebec'"). As an interesting aside, this regiment was the first to be moved across Canada by rail during the 1885 Riel Rebellion. They became the garrison regiment for Fort Calgary.  
It was re-designated the 9th Regiment Voltigeurs de Québec on 8 May 1900, and, following the Great War, Les Voltigeurs de Québec on 29 March 1920. During the Second World War it was designated the 2nd (Reserve) Battalion, Les Voltigeurs de Québec on 10 May 1941 and Les Voltigeurs de Québec (Reserve) on 15 September 1944. After the Second World War it was designated Les Voltigeurs de Québec (Motor) on 1 April 1946. On 1 September 1954, it was amalgamated with Le Régiment de Québec (Mitrailleuses) and re-designated Les Voltigeurs de Québec (Mitrailleuses). It was re-designated Les Voltigeurs de Québec on 11 April 1958. On 22 February 1965, it was amalgamated with The Royal Rifles of Canada. The two regiments ceased to be amalgamated on 1 November 1966.

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