WW2 era Cap & Collar set w/title for the Canadian Intelligence corp

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The scans above show a 3 piece set of uniform badges for the WW2 era Canadian Intelligence Corps. This cap & collar set are made of white metal, all in good condition with lug type fasteners on the cap badge and collar device set. Note the interesting motto... "Action from Knowledge"..

Canadians were active in the Intelligence field since the beginning of WWII in 1939. Major John P. Page GSO3 (Intelligence) at CMHQ in Ottawa was asked to evaluate the idea of military Intelligence and offer suggestions on how to promote the idea that the Canadian Army should form its own Canadian Intelligence Corps (C Int C). It was not until 29 October 1942 however, that the Canadian Army Intelligence department became an official military Corps. Co-operation among the allies was essential during the war. Personnel in the Canadian Intelligence Corps formed part of the Canadian Army contingent in Washington working in co-operation with the Intelligence Staff of the United States War Department. Note that it was a Canadian who discovered the Japanese plan to bomb Pearl Harbor. They were linguists for the most part, proficient in German, Japanese and many other foreign languages. They also worked in a similar capacity with the British Government. This corps continued its functions after the war was over!                      

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