1960's Bren Gun Carrier - vintage Dinky toy in box

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You are viewing a 1960's Bren Gun Carrier - vintage Dinky toy in its original packaging. The blister pack has some minor denting and one small crackon the back, but appart from that the toy is excellent in every way. All parts are perfect and intact, even to small decal card. Bren Gun Carriers were used by Canada in WW2. In the early part of the war "the bullets went through one side and then kinda rattled around the cab" accordingto one old vet. Later models were more protected with thicker armor, and carried a 30cal. machine gun instead of the original bren gun. However, this is a model of the original with its bren gun peeping though the front. Guaranteed 100% genuine. Please keep in mind that on all our products we accept prepaid authorized returns within 14 days of shipping, for full product credit, if you are not satisfied. We can accept Paypal. Notethat you must assume responsibility for loss in shipping if you decline the insurance. I can combine items for multiple buyer. Call for personalized credit card service to 1-403-262-2397 during regular business hours (we are Mountain time) or send an email to creidm@gmail.com .