C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

3 British Empire League Badges circa 1920's

This group consists of a large cap badge, a 25 year service pin, and smaller lapel pin (Birks Hallmarked).


Modern British Kings Own Border Regiment Badge set (6 pcs)

come with all their original attachment devises


Curved Brass Shoulder Titles for the 17th Hussars

ade of Brass with all lug style fasters intact


Canadian Scottish Militia Cap badge (Edwardian Era)

The lion head may relate to the Seaforths. 


8th Ontario Reserve Cap badge

Note the badge has an Edwardian era crown.


Nova Scotia Militia Belt & Buckle

two part buckle, appears to be silver plated.


Victoria Era

appears to be made of heavy brass or bronze.


WWII King's Own Malta Regiment Cap Badge

Very clean with design features still clear and distinct. 


Canadian Militia Button Edwardian Era

We have four of these presently in inventory.


Pre WWI King's Canadian Hussars Sm Buttons

excellent condition, made of clean brass