C. British & Commonwealth Military Items

103rd Calgary Rifles Reg't Cross Belt Badge 1910

103rd Calgary Boar War cross belt badge near mint ...


Canadian Militia Button Queen Victoria Era

A rare maker "Dolan & Co London". 


Victorian Era East Middlesex Welch Regiment a Foot

The 77th fought in the Crimea and earlier.


Victoria Crown Large Enameled Broach

Interesting heraldic piece : The beaver in the design is significant of Canada.


Original Canadian Coat of Arms Enamelled Broach

A Canadian broach, Edwardian era (pre 1910)


26th Middlesex Canadian Militia Collar-dog

the badge has maple leaves


Edwardian Canadian Militia Button

Hallmarked "Firmin & Sons, London".


Victorian Era (pre 1900) Canadian Militia Uniform Button

The button is made of brass and clearly shows a Victoria crown


WW1 era British Women's Auxiliary Army Corps WAAC Cap Badge

It has two small tang attatchments, typical of early WWI era badges.


WWI bef Scottish Horse Mounted Brigade

They served in the campaign at Gallipoli