2. WWII era Cap badge and Collar Device Sets

WWII era

lugs & cross pins in good order.


WWII era North Waterloo Regiment Collar Devise

much rarer than the cap badge.


Victoria & Haliburton Regiment (Peterborough Ontario)

come with original lugs and cross pins


WW2 era Prince of Wales Own Regiment (MG)

Tang and lug attachments original & in good order


Interwar era First Canadian Hussars Cap & Collar set (3)

with a tang fastener on the cap badge and pin back fasteners on the collar device set. 


WWII era Perth Regiment (Motor) Cap badge & Collar Set (3)

founded in 1866, just in time for Confederation


WW2 era Halifax Rifles Cap & Collar Set

all original lug type fasteners intact


Loyal Edmonton Regiment KC collar set (2 pcs)

Familiarly called the "Loyal Eddies".


WWII era RCAPC (Pay Corps) Cap & Collar Set (3)

All original lug type fasteners in good order.


Canadian WWII era Mount Allison University Badge set (3)

Includes cap and collars