3. Cap Badges collars & Badge Sets post 1953

Modern era Post '68 Canadian Frontiersmen Cap & Collar Badge set (3)

"Scully" hallmarked.


QC era Canadian Guards Cap Badge

tang type attachment original and in good order


Post 1968 era Combat Arms School Instructor Collar set (2)

original pin back fasteners intact and in good order.


Post 1968 Tri Service Beret badge (lot#2)

with tang type attachments


X Highland Cadets Cap & collar set (2)

all lugs original and intact.


Post '53 Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Collar set (2)

both spinner type attachments in good order.


Post 1953 Fort Garry Horse Cap Badge (Lot #1)

Has its characteristic tang attachment.


QC era Queens Own Collar Set (2) (lot#2)

lugs original and in good order


Post 1954 era Royal Canadian Air Cadets Cap Badge & Collar set (3) (anodized)


Essex & Kent Scottish Reg't Collar set (2)

all lugs in good order