3. Cap Badges collars & Badge Sets post 1953

Canadian Army: Yukon Regiment Cap badge

high quality gilt metal badge with white metal overlay


QC era Royal Canadian Ordinance Corps carded set of 5

Included are two early flashes which may be Korea or WWII era.


QC Era Queens Own Rifles Regiment Collar Badge Set (2)

high quality white metal badges


QC Era Royal Canadian Engineers Cap Badge

who's motto is also "UBIQUE"


North Saskatchewan Regiment Cap Badge (lot #1)

made of white metal & copper


Korea era Kings Own Calgary Regiment Cap Badge

Both original lugs in good order and intact.


QC era Lord Strathcona Horse collar set (2 pcs)

all lug style attachments original and in good order.


28th batallion WWI Collar Badge - CEF era

Both lug type attachments are original and in good order and has a cross pin


North Saskatchewan Regiment Cap Badge (lot #2)

 has a tang type fastener 


Post 1953 Yukon Reg't Cap badge & flash set (3)