1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) Cap badge

slightly convex ("broomed") for comfort.


Korea Era (1950) Canadian Scottish Shoulder Flash

grey felt with a black cheesecloth backing.


WWII era Pacific Coast Rangers Cap Badge 1942

has a different kind of tang style attachment


WWII era Canadian Parachute Corps Bakelite Cap Badge

badge is made of Bakelite


WWII Era COTC University of New Brunswick Cap & Collar Set of 2

still has all original lugs.


WWII era Canadian Women's Volunteer Reserve Corps Cap badge

both original lugs in good order 


WWII era Lincoln & Welland Regiment Cap Badge

all lugs are in good order


WW2 Canadian 22nd Regiment Bimetal Cap Badge

A fine example of a field used badge from the proud "VanDoos"


WW2 Irish Regiment of Canada Cap Badge

All lugs intact on this fine bi-metal badge


1st Canadian Hussars WW2 era O/R brass cap badge

the only Allied unit to reach its D-Day objective on june 6th 1944. The 1st Hussars suffered 21 killed, 17 wounded during the actions of D-Day.