1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

WWII Canadian Army compass button

1943 dated, patented.


Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Wentworth Regiment) Cap badge

Both lugs in good order.


WWII Cap badge for the 1st Cdn Armoured Carriers

Note the shape of the "O"


Vancouver Regiment (Irish Fusiliers) Collar set

lugs are original and in good order


WW2 Cape Breton Highlanders Cap & Collar Set (3)

All lugs intact on this fine bi-metal badge set.


Cameron Highlanders of Canada Bonnet badge

both lugs in good order


WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps Collar badge Set (2)

Very clean condition


WW2 era Royal Canadian Engineers Regiment Cap Badge (lot#3)



KC era Hull Regiment Cap badge (lot#2)

still operates as a reserve armoured regiment today


KC Era Civil Defense Corps Button Holler

pre 1953 in origin