1. WW2 era & Korea 1945 (KC badges)

KC era XVII Prince Edward Island Regiment

both welded stem lugs and cross pin


WWII Canadian Army Dental Corps Cap Badge

made of shiny brass


WW2 Era Canadian Artillery Cap badge (lot #5)

original lugs in good order


WWII era Fusiliers De Mont Royale

original welded stem lugs


WWII era Canadian Infantry Corps Cap badge

both lugs original & in good condition


KC era Glengarry Fencibles Highland Cap Badge

welded stem lugs in good order


CSM / WOII Brass Sleeve insignia WWI

original lugs are intact


WWII era VRC Victoria Rifles of Canada Cap badge (lot#2)

a blackened brass badge


49th Loyal Edmonton Regiment Brass Collar Badge

includes lugs & cross pin


WWII era Lorne Scots Bonnet Badge

Included is the tartan backing