Victoria & Edwardian Era Militia Badges

45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

In 1758 the regiment fought in the Siege of Louisburg. which became the regiments first battle honour


43rd (Monmouthshire) Regiment of Foot

This regiment foughtin the Battle of New Orleans againstthe US General Jacksonin 1814, ( just like the song says )


The 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot

The 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot spent a number of years of duty in the Australian colonies.


38th Staffordshire Regimnet Cap Badge (Victoria era)

The crown shape is interesting for a Victorian Era regiment, maybe you know why. Tell us!!


57th Regiment, Peterborough Rangers Canadian Militia Cap badge

A Canadian Militia regiment of the Victoria Era . The 57th Battallion of Infantry was formed in 1867.


East Lancashire Regiment Cap Badge

The East Lancashire Regiment was an infantry regiment of theBritish Army from 1881 to 1958.


Irish Regiment : Connaught Rangers Cap Badge

It first saw service in 1794 in Flanders


42nd Highland Regiment of Foot (Black Watch)

From 1758 to 1767 served in the New England colonies


33rd Aberdeen Volunteers Cap badge

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The Wiltshire Regiment Cap Badge

In 1921 the titles switched to become The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's).