Victoria & Edwardian Era Militia Badges

104th Bengal Fusiliers (British- India Regiment)

The 2nd Bengal (European) Light Infantry, and served in the Indian Muntiny of 1857.


61st (South Gloucestershire) Regiment of Foot

Large Shako sized badge for an infantryregiment of the British Army, created in 1758.


72nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot

An extremely intricate design on this beautiful Brass Cap badge from a bygone era. . .


68th Durham Regiment Cap Badge

This regimewnt was established in 1758.


59th Regiment a Foot Shako Badge

It was active from 1755 to 1781


53rd Shropshire Regiment Cap Badge

This regimentserved in India and fought in the Indian Mutiny where it took part in the relief of Lucknow.


94th Regiment a Foot Shako Badge

In1789 theyfought in the Zulu Wars in Africa


51st Kings Own Light Infantry

This Regiment saw service at Waterloo in 1815.


46th South Devonshire Regiment Cap badge

This regiment fought in Canada during the Seven Years War and was invloved in the capture of Montreal in 1760.


45th (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

In 1758 the regiment fought in the Siege of Louisburg. which became the regiments first battle honour