D. German Militaria

Eidelweise Badge - Maker marked

Made of zinc or tombac, a late period piece....


WW2 era Iron Cross 1st Class (1939 dated)

the badge clearly shows it age patina.


Large Brass M1914 Imperial german Army Helmet Plate

 a stunning large brass badge measuring over 4 inches across.


WWII era Concentration Camp Kapo badge

People who wore this badge during WWII were trusted inmates of Nazi concentration camps.


Pre WWII era Nazi Military Sports Award


WWII era German Army Sports Efficiency Badge

Made of bronze with attachment pin intact


WWII Third Reich German War Merit Cross W/ Swords


1916 Pattern Picklehaube (grey Imperial Eagle)

grey colored helmet decorations


WWII era Womens Corps Badge

 RZM marked


WWII era 3rd Reich Eagle

Unusual brass political devise