D. German Militaria

WW2 Finlandic Army Shooting Award

This medal was found with the Crossof Mourning for next of kin, which may be viewed in our Medals catagory.


WW2 German Veteren's Uniform badge

Pin attachment is original andintact


WW2 German 25yr Service Medal for Police

a hard to find WWII 3rd Reich service award


WW2 German Infantry Assault Badge (Bronze)

This badge has a small "M" stamp near the pin attachment.


WW2 era German Luftwaffe Observer's Badge (Cloth)

This badge is made of embroidered cloth on canvas.


1926-1936 Thuringen Medal

A large, nicely stamped medal, made of brass.


WW2 era German S.A. Sporting Badge (nicely hallmarked)

This one appears to be a second class award.


Eidelweise Badge - Maker marked

Made of zinc or tombac, a late period piece....


German WW2

1934 dated with aninscription


German WW2 "Tinnie" 1934 Dated - retaking the Saar region.

Interesting design features on the eagle