Scouting & Other Interesting Things

WWI Era Helmet Decal for the 29th CEF Battalion.

This interesting oldHelmet decal is in like new condition. These were included in cigarette packs as premiums.


Large Scouting Badge 1950's era

Plated finish over white metal


1940's Cub Leader Cap Badge (UK)

The WWI era split pin &lug type fasteners are both present and in good order.


Large Scouting Badge 1940's era (WWII)

Gery-silver finish over bakalite


Boy Scouts 1939 Royal Visit Comemorative 2 pc Badge

Rare old Scouting badge in excellent condition.


Victorian Era brass Jubilee pendant Dated 1887

The obverse has a registration number .69661


1950's era Canadian $1000 Bill

Very crisp, no creases or damage


Vintage Scouting button & tag

1929 dated!


Canadian Postal Corps Collar badge set (2)

all original lug type attachments in good order. 


QC era Canadian Postal Corps Cap badge

excellent condition with its original tang