B. CEF and Corps Badges (Canadian WW1) 1914

WWI CEF 220th Batallion Cap Badge (lot #3)

excellent condition for its age


CEF WWI 206th (Canadien francais) Battalion Cap badge (lot #2)

Both original horizontal lugs in good order.


CEF 109th Battalion Cap Badge

This beautiful badge is complete with all original lugs.


WWI 105th CEF Battalion Cap Badge

 a Prince Edward Island Battalion


WWI 100th CEF Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

complete with original lugs in good order


WWI Canada - 220th CEF Battalion Collar devise

complete with both original vertical lugs


WWI 45th CEF Sweetheart Badge

 missing the straight pin attachment.


WWI CEF 148th Battalion Collar badge

Has 2 lugs, vertically positioned, orignal and in good order. 


WWI era Canadian Corps of Signals Shoulder Title

complete with all original lugs.


2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles Battalion Cap Badge

 excellent overall condition